Electra On Shark Tank

Foundher, Fran Harris premiered on Shark Tank Friday, January 8, 2021 and again Saturday, Mar. 6 @ 8pm

Electra Sports Drinks

Electrafy Your Thirst


Let's Get This Party Started. What's your flavuh flave?

Passion Punch

Your tongue will thank you for the berrylicious goodness known as Passion Punch. It's exactly what you'd expect if a raspberry, strawberry and Electra-berry jump into the pool and jump out a beverage. Do yourself a favor - get this in your mouth and tummy today!


Litty Lemonade

Everybody loves a good lemonade, right? Litty Lemonade does you one better. It's fresh, crisp, refreshing lemony zesty goodness in a bottle. Not too tart, not too sweet. If you like a little tangy, dancing with a little naturally sweet, this is your jam.  Drop the mic.


Oh Yeah! Orange

It's called Oh Yeah! Orange for a reason. When your tongue gets a load of this citrusy celebration colliding with tangerine and orange flavors, it's over. If you dig orange, you're about to be in love. You can thank us later.


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High Fives & High Praise for electra

I've never tasted a sports drink this good -- and it's good FOR you. Electra is a game changer. Best of all, my kids love it. And I feel good giving it to them.

Angela Hein

I like the Litty Lemonade because it's refreshing with a good balance of sweet 'n sour. I'll definitely be recommending Electra to my clients.


I’ve been fighting type two diabetes for years, and it’s good to finally see a sports drink that is not overrun with sugar or chemicals. It's fantastic!

Jeff, Austin, TX

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Electra's superpowers help everyday doers, hustlers and athletes who need to refuel, replenish and rehydrate. Amazing things happen when you Electrafy Your Thirst.