Are Sports Drinks Healthy?

When I created Electra I had one thing in mind. How can we create a healthy sports drink that has less sugar, fewer calories, more functionality and no artificial ingredients?

Most of the sports drinks on the market were too sweet, too sugary and too fake. 

Electra Oh Yeah Orange Sports Drink

The key was looking for all natural ingredients even if they cost more. I knew Electra would be a premium sports and hydration beverage because better ingredients typically cost more.

But, aren't you worth it? Don't you deserve the best possible ingredients for your health and wellness?

The sports drink market is full of options that are unhealthy. Many sports beverages are full of chemicals, artificial colors, calories and artificial ingredients. Plus, the sports drink category hasn't really changed in over 50 years. 

That's also one of the reasons I wanted to create Electra -- to offer something different and better for everyday doers, hustlers and athletes. 

I used to drink some of the popular sports drinks -- until I really took a hard look at their nutrition labels. That's where the comparisons end.

I'm very proud of what's in every Electra bottle -- and I believe you'll be glad you made the switch.