Fran Harris Shares Secrets For Auditioning For Shark Tank

Sooooo, I know this will sound weird maybe but I've seen 98% of Shark Tank episodes. I know, I should get a life but I can't help it. I've always LOVED this show -- from the second it hit the air 12 years ago. 

Annnnnd, I've also always wanted to BE ON THE SHOW. Annnnnd, I've always believed I would one day be on Shark Tank. So, you can imagine my excitement when it finally happened.

So, there have been several Shark Tank sightings in my life. 3 to be exact. 

The first one happened when Shark Tank producers came to my alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin, circa 2017. I pitched a digital business I was considering launching but it wasn't fully cooked so I backed away from the auditions.


Fran Harris On Shark Tank


The next opportunity came when a producer called ME after hearing my pitch in a business accelerator. We had a cool conversation but honestly, that business wasn't ready for the world either. 

So, if you're keeping count -- that's two potential opportunities to audition for Shark Tank show.

Then, in the Spring of 2020 it happened. I downloaded the application, sent it in and waited. I KNEW I was going to be on Shark Tank. And I knew it was going to be with Electra. I just knew it. So, why was this company different? Let's examine.

BIG IDEA - sports drinks are a $23 BILLION dollar industry. This means there's a very good chance that I can build a $10 - $100 million dollar business within say, 5-7 years. This means that at least one of the investors on Shark Tank would likely be interested in the Electra sports drinks. 

FOUNDER BACKGROUND - you've heard investors say that they're betting on the entrepreneur? It's true. You are the first representation of your business that an investor will see. If they like YOU, they'll often listen to your pitch. I've spent 30+ years in sports, health, fitness and wellness. I understood the marketplace. I understand the potential consumers because I AM the market I'm going after -- everyday doers, hustlers and athletes. An investor has to believe that YOU are the person to bring the business to market.

KNOW YOUR STUFF - you don't have to know every intricate detail of your business but you do need to know the critical numbers -- the KPIs - key performance indicators -- to be able to communicate your brand's value proposition and how you'll potentially build the company and get an investor a return on their money.

With Electra sports drinks, I was confident I could tell the story of Electra because I was 1000% passionate about bringing it to market. I could pitch in Shark Tank with confidence of where Electra is today and where it could go in the next 5-10 years. That's why I applied in 2020 to be on Shark Tank. 

That's MY story. What about you? Do YOU want to audition on Shark Tank? I created a course a few years ago about how to successfully audition for TV shows, including Shark Tank. We know the system works because you're here with me now, right? 😜  

You can check out my Shark Tank Audition class here