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We're publishing these updates since many customers have the same concerns, some are not receiving our weekly emails, and in an effort to reduce the number of emails sent to customers, we'll update this "customer only" page every Monday by 12 pm cst.

🗣 Monday, February 22, 2021

Good Day, Electralytes!  Thanks to those of you who sent kind sentiments last week via email and on social. Most of the electricity has been restored in Texas. Wifi is still spotty. My residence is not at full capacity yet, so, this update will be short.  I received an email from the bottle manufacturer last Friday, and hope to have an exciting update this Wednesday, Feb 24 at 11 am LIVE on our Facebook page - CLICK HERE TO JOIN or to watch previous Electrafying Wednesdays.💦
UPDATED TUESDAY FEB 16 (also sent via email)
Thanks for being an Electra customer. 
Per the RED banner on every page of the site, we are currently experiencing production, therefore shipping delays. of at least 4-6 weeks. We will keep you posted on any changes. 
Thank you for your patience as we weather this unpredictable, uncontrollable COVID19 storm, we're offering you two BIG bonus gifts. 


BONUS #1: $10 OFF  Use code SHARK10 on your next purchase -- which will also be valid on our POWDERS -- which go on presale in February/March 2021. (This is the GIFT CARD we told you we'd provide)

BONUS #2: SHARK TANK Q&A Did you see that ABC's Shark Tank 🦈  recently released the announcement of Season 13 auditions? 📺  If you'd like to consider auditioning for SHARK TANK, I hosted a private Q&A exclusively for Electra customers on Thursday, Feb 4, 2021.

You can watch replay here.




WHY ARE ORDERS DELAYED?  The super-short version of the answer is that there was overwhelming demand for Electra after the Shark Tank appearance, and the other issue is that our bottle delivery has been delayed (twice) due to COVID19's impact on plastic -- in other words, there's a bottle shortage. We've been told they will arrive within several weeks. Clearly, this is out of our control, however, going forward we are working on at least 2-3 backup measures due to the global packaged material shortages, and our recent delivery experiences.


WHEN WILL MY ORDER SHIP?  We've shipped or scheduled shipment of nearly every bottle of current Electra inventory to customers in the order in which those orders were received. Our fulfillment partner is sending additional tracking #s out today and tomorrow. If you have not received a tracking #, it means your order is still queued and will ship on our next production run in approximately 5-6 weeks. Could be shorter, could be longer.  When your product ships you'll receive a tracking notification via email. Again - no orders are scheduled to ship for at least another 5-6 weeks due to COVID's impact on bottles.

I RECEIVED MY ORDER BUT IT'S WRONG!!!  I met with our fulfillment partner Sunday, who informed me that given the limited inventory on hand, that they shipped a few orders that were slightly different than what those customers possibly ordered. 

Fulfillment also sent/scheduled emails to alert those customers who received those "mystery" packages -- so, if you received an order slightly different than what you ordered, we will send you a "make good" shipment -- on the house -- on our next production run.

There were fewer than 15 of these "creative bundle" orders, but still, our apologies if this caused confusion or frustration - our warehouse team was attempting to turn a frustrating situation caused by COVID delays  (e.g. not receiving ANYthing) into a positive one.  Again - once we are at full production capacity (in an estimated 5-6 weeks), we'll ship you a complimentary package of your exact order.


MY ORDER ARRIVED DAMAGED!!!  Uggggh! I hate it when an order arrives looking like it's literally been dragged through the streets. It's frustrating and disappointing.  We have to rely on manufacturers, warehouse professionals, fulfillment partners and delivery carriers to get Electra to you -- which means sometimes things don't go as well as we'd like.

So, if your Electra arrived DAMAGED, please take a PHOTO and email it to support@idrinkelectra.com - along with your name and order #, so that we can file a claim -- and replace the order on our next production run -- currently scheduled to occur in approximately 5-6 weeks.



Please read our REFUND POLICY here.  We initiate the refund process in-house within 3 -10 days of the request (ordinarily within 24-48 hours depending on load). Remember, It can take as long as 30-60+ days for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund after we submit the request. 


We paused your subscription. You have been charged for your initial order only. Once production resumes, your subscription can resume.



Per our website apparel and merch product pages, your t-shirts, merch and swag are currently on a 10-14 day turnaround time. If you have questions specifically about your apparel or merch orders, please direct them to support@ipersonalyze.com - and keep in mind, there may be COVID19 related delays there as well.


Thanks @JoanHawley for sharing your Electra story on FB! 


We acknowledge that there have been some hiccups, yet we are eternally grateful that we've also received dozens of encouraging & heartfelt notes from Electra customers. We're sharing just a few below -- but pls know that our team appreciates every single one of your notes, social media comments and shoutouts, and emails.  ♥️

"I get it. I'll wait. Thanks for the update." Juli C.

"Appreciate your transparency, I can wait." John G.

"I'm a business owner too, so I know how frustrating it is not to be able to control the uncontrollables." Vince L.

"I'm excited to try it but I understand. I'm hanging with ya." Carol B.

Join Foundher, Fran Harris, LIVE for updates every "Electrafying Wednesday" at 11:30 am cst on the iDrinkElectra FACEBOOK PAGE.

Until then, thanks for your business -- your kindness -- and your patience.

Team Electra

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Please allow  a minimum of 24-48 business hours for a response to emails or inquiries via social media platforms and/or direct messages across channels.  We will get back to you! Thanks for your patience.


Here are a few article links on COVID's impact on supply chain and the economy.